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Suitable for Iphone models

Suitable for Iphone models

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  • HA005-IP5-HA004-2-und-HA009-1-und-HA011
Create your own custom mobile phone chain. Please follow these steps: Step 1: Choose your... more
Create your own custom mobile phone chain. Please follow these steps: 

Step 1: Choose your mobile phone.
Step 2: Choose up to two ribbons.
Leather ribbons: shimmer grey, deep black, corida red, splash, light pink


Classic ribbons: sand, naughty black, maritime blue, carribean blue, cotton candy, lemontree, steel grey, military, ruby red, blue kiss, wild cat, grey silver and black silver


 Straps: camel, strawberry red, princess pink, pitch black, pearl grey


Chains: golden, silver  


Step 3: Choose up to three charms. You will receive the Sonia Originelli charm for free!

Tiles: A-Z (except Q and X), Karma, Happy, Best Friends, Heart, Sonia Originelli
Tassels: pastel yellow, turquoise, black, pink


Step 4: Choose your pouch. Color options: golden night, silver night, golden smoke, silver smoke, hunter green, biscuit beige, coffee brown


Please Note:
The color of the chains may vary slightly from the picture. The golden color of the accessories (metal ring, button, snap hook) may yield after some time. This case does not guarantee 100% protection for your smartphone. Use at your own risk. Shown as a color example is the Iphone X.
The PU straps and metal chains are not compatible with the charms. For example, they can be fixed on the eyelets.

Please remove the protective foil on the back of the case before use!
Recommended for: Gents and ladys
Material: Case: polyacrylic, Classic string: polyester with metal ends, Leather string: 100% real leather, Link chain: metal, Plates: metal, Pouch: polyurethane with metal button and tape, Straps: polyurethane with metal buckle and carabiner, Tassels: metal ring, plastic cap, cotton threads
Dimensions: Diameter letter-plates: apx. 1,5cm, Diameter statement-plates: apx. 1cm, Length of metal chain: apx. 13, Length of tassels (including ring): apx. 6,8cm, Maximum length of the classic and leather straps (adjustable): apx. 160cm; Thickness: apx. 5mm (leather: apx. 6mm), Pouch: ca. 10 x 6,5cm, Straps: maximum lenght (inkl. carabiner): apx. 171cm, shortest length: apx. 91cm
Size: Depending on the model
Design: Transparent case with logo as a sticker
Note: Please remove the protective foil on the back before use, Use at your own risk